Intermediate Classes

For the Intermediate

For those of you who have some experience and feel quite comfortable driving, but with no prior professional classes. Look no further as our Intermediate packages include the pre-license course, driving lessons with our patient and knowledgeable instructors, road test scheduling, and a car for your road test.

6Lesson Package

Three 90-minute sessions, one road test

8Lesson Package

Four 90-minute sessions, one road test

What's included in the intermediate packages

  • Pre-license course
  • Driving lessons geared towards an intermediate driver
  • Road test scheduling
  • Car for your road test
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  • Why are they 90 minute sessions, but 45 minute lessons?

    In our experience, we find that our students are able to learn and retain much more from a 90-minute session, so when we schedule your lessons, you take two 45 minute lessons each time.

  • I don't know how many lessons I need. How do I choose?

    Don't fret! Give us a call at (718) 595-1999 or send us an e-mail at: One of our experienced team members will assist you in choosing the package that's right for you.

  • How long are the driving packages valid for?

    Packages are valid one year from date of registration.

  • Do you offer pick-up/drop off services?

    At this time we do not offer pick-up or drop off services. We ask that students meet their instructors in front of the driving school at the time of their lesson.

  • What is the pre-license course?

    The pre-license course is the 5-hour Pre-License Certification Class (MV-278) that is required by the DMV for all individuals applying for a New York State Driver's License, regardless of age. This course provides essential knowledge about road rules, safe driving principles, defensive driving skills, and other factors crucial for driving safety, serving as a valuable opportunity to learn these fundamentals.

    For more information, see our 5-hour Pre-License Certification Class (MV-278) page.

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