5-hour Pre-License Certification Class (MV-278)

Pre-license class

The 5-hour Pre-License Certification Class (MV-278) is a mandatory classroom course designed by the DMV for all individuals applying for a New York State Driver's License, regardless of age.

This course provides essential knowledge about road rules, safe driving principles, defensive driving skills, and other factors crucial for driving safety. Online class via Zoom is also available.

MV-278 Pre-License Class

One 5-hour classroom session, also available on Zoom
  • Where do I take the 5-hour pre-license class?

    Understanding the impact of COVID-19, we are now offering the pre-license course via Zoom so you can take the course in the comfort of your own home.

  • What are the topics covered in the 5-hour pre-license class?

    The 5-hour Pre-License Certification Class (MV-278) covers a variety of driving fundamentals, including: highway driving, driver habits/skills, defensive driving techniques, blind spots, Right-of-Way rules, alcohol and drugs and their effects on driving, and more.

    For more information, read the Pre-licensing Course Student’s Manual by the NY State DMV

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